day meets night, stars dancing like fire


I'm Meat/Rouwan. Any pronouns.
Tech by day, doodler by night,
and sculptor on occasion.


Kingdom Hearts

Word of Caution

My artwork carries a general rating of 18+ and is not appropriate for all audiences. My focus is subject to change at random.I am all ships friendly.
Be civil or be removed.
Block/mute/unfollow at will.

What do you draw with?
Manga Studio 5, Intuos 4, Default brushes.
What do you sculpt with?
Zbrush 2021, Intuos 4.
Can I use your work for:
βœ“ Icon (fanart only)
βœ“ Personal Wallpaper
βœ“ Personal Prints
βœ“ Referencing
Γ— Roleplay
Γ— Ai/Machine Learning
Γ— Any commercial purpose
Are you available for freelance?
Occasionally, yes. Feel free to contact me.
Are commissions open?
Not at the moment.
Can I repost to ____?
Please do not.